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Team Omega is an interclub program that runs 1-3 days a week for three hours each class.

The PLAY Gymnastics BC Interclub program is for beginner to advanced recreational athletes in B.C. It extends performance and training opportunities as gymnasts showcase their personal ability, participate in gymnastics events and perform routines in a creative way.  Interclub is performance-based and focuses on the opportunity to perform and take pride  in athletic achievement. Athletes and coaches have creative license in routine development and performances. For example, the addition of props and costumes is encouraged.


The Interclub program at Omega is a year-long program that requires hard work, dedication and a little sweat.


Team Omega is a competitive program for young gymnasts who are looking to progress their skills rapidly and develop routines that showcase their strength, coordination and individual talents.  With these routines, the girls then enter the exhilarating world of competitive gymnastics where they compete against other teams at the interclub level. 


The two Interclub categories are Performance and Performance Plus. In Performance, athletes perform routines which are given positive feedback. In Performance Plus, athletes perform routines and receive scores that coincide with gold, silver or bronze ribbons on each event.


Team O is coached by Kat Senft, Lauren Taylor and Madeline Rindahl.  Our Team O girls have historically had great achievements and performance excellence. The girls put forth tremendous amounts of effort and determination. 


If you are interested in joining Team Omega, please email or call us at 604.464.1555




Coaches Svetlana Lashina and Vladimir Lashin at Omega Gymnastics in Coquitlam received the Gladys Hartley Provincial Stream Coaches of the Year award.


"I can't even come up with the words to describe what they do because they play such an integral part in the girls' lives," 

Oct 31, 2013


Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Awards Sev Heiberg National Stream Coaches of the Year - Svetlana Lashina & Vladimir Lashin.

Oct 26, 2012

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