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Omega Sports Centre is one of Western Canada’s leading elite gymnastics clubs.

When it comes to Artistic Gymnastics in Vancouver, British Columbia, Omega is the best in the West! Omega has a long history of Top Performance athletes & we are known to bring home the gold. Omega is recognized with Gymnastics BC Club of Excellence and is home to world renowned coaches Vladimir and Svetlana Lashin. Omega's huge gymnasium spans over 15,000 sq ft; where we offer a variety of gymnastics programs including; Recreational, Competitive and Interclub. Every class is taught by our certified coaches. 

Omega gymnastics has been in business for over 30 years, we strive to build relationships with all of the children and parents. We are proud to watch all the gymnasts grow into physically fit and responsible young adults.

We take pride in watching our competitive athletes reach their full potential. Ultimately to represent Team Canada and compete Internationally and further their studies with full gymnastics scholarships.

Omega Sports Centre Vision

Omega is dedicated to giving each athlete the opportunity to become the best gymnast that they can be and to encourage them to develop a lifelong interest in gymnastics, and enjoyment through physical activity.

Omega Sports Centre Mission

  • Promote the growth and development of recreational and competitive gymnastics, ranging from beginner to the national level through a quality program which emphasizes enjoyment of the sport of activity.

  • Make available to all members, instruction of a high and consistent caliber and to ensure that all member gymnasts are afforded fair treatment and equal opportunity.

  • Provide a safe environment for children to develop in the sport of gymnastics.

  • Follow the guidelines of the National Coaching Certification program.

  • Encourage goodwill among and between the members, gymnasts and professionals at all times.

  • To make lifelong friendships & be part of the community.

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Coaches Svetlana Lashina and Vladimir Lashin at Omega Gymnastics in Coquitlam received the Gladys Hartley Provincial Stream Coaches of the Year award.


"I can't even come up with the words to describe what they do because they play such an integral part in the girls' lives," 

Oct 31, 2013


Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Awards Sev Heiberg National Stream Coaches of the Year - Svetlana Lashina & Vladimir Lashin.

Oct 26, 2012